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Why I am here.

2012-07-29 13:40:14 by m4g

Hello fellow nerds, I am John. I make gameplay videos on youtube and make music in my spare time ( I have a lot of spare time). Well, that and read a lot of comic books O_O.

What I am here for:::

I am here to pass my music along to those who want it. Whether it is for games or not is your decision. I am trying to get my name out there and I'd like to get in the business of making music for video games. I have been making music for about 11 years. I have a variety of taste and techniques used to create an arsenal of tunes for your listening pleasure.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Everything I make and post on here is for you, from me, absolutely free (yeah that rhymed, your welcome). I would like to see it put to good use of course. So use it in your flash games. Yes, I am talking to you developers and crafty craftsmen.

What you should know::

I am quite versatile, if you have a request, I should have no problem making it for you. I have a slew of instruments and programs I use to do what I do.

I can make some simple sound effects and I have no problem cutting things out and replacing it with something else. (Say there is a song of mine with a synth in there that you don't like, I'll take that sucker right out of there). Only thing I need to know is what you require.

If someone is interested in getting in contact with me for a collaboration, I will be willing to do so with Skype or any other means of communication.

You can email me at


Why I am here.


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2012-07-29 23:55:31

You are one awesome chap!

m4g responds:

Thank you kindly =)


2014-09-03 11:02:39

Nice introduction!
I've scouted you, that's some potential right there!
Welcome to the NG-Community! :)