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Back and ready for action!

2016-07-02 14:14:49 by m4g

I have been contacted recently about a few of my loops and songs, and I am happy to announce that I and my friends FrozenLoad and Remnant are coming together as one to provide for you loops, songs, and sound effects that are gauged and geared to your game-creating needs! We look forward to hearing from you, please let us know if we can be of assistance. Until then, we will be posting content as regularly as possible! 








Why I am here.

2012-07-29 13:40:14 by m4g

Hello fellow nerds, I am John. I make gameplay videos on youtube and make music in my spare time ( I have a lot of spare time). Well, that and read a lot of comic books O_O.

What I am here for:::

I am here to pass my music along to those who want it. Whether it is for games or not is your decision. I am trying to get my name out there and I'd like to get in the business of making music for video games. I have been making music for about 11 years. I have a variety of taste and techniques used to create an arsenal of tunes for your listening pleasure.

What does it cost?

Nothing. Everything I make and post on here is for you, from me, absolutely free (yeah that rhymed, your welcome). I would like to see it put to good use of course. So use it in your flash games. Yes, I am talking to you developers and crafty craftsmen.

What you should know::

I am quite versatile, if you have a request, I should have no problem making it for you. I have a slew of instruments and programs I use to do what I do.

I can make some simple sound effects and I have no problem cutting things out and replacing it with something else. (Say there is a song of mine with a synth in there that you don't like, I'll take that sucker right out of there). Only thing I need to know is what you require.

If someone is interested in getting in contact with me for a collaboration, I will be willing to do so with Skype or any other means of communication.

You can email me at


Why I am here.